There are many ways to find your ideal ring size. This guide will help you get as close to your perfect fit as possible with tools that might be found lying around the house. The most accurate approach would be to visit a local jewellery shop and get your size measured professionally to avoid disappointment when ordering from our online store.

If you would prefer to measure your ring size yourself, we recommend these following methods:


1. Choose a ring that fits your ideal finger, making sure to choose a ring that still has a round profile and that is not drastically warped.

2. Measure the internal diameter in millimetres. Make sure to measure from left to right and top to bottom. Find a general diameter for your ring. We suggest using a calliper measuring tool for best accuracy.

3 Use the below chart to find your ideal size. Please refer to the US size chart as that is our preferred measuring metric.


1. Cut out a paper strip of around 5mm wide and 10cm long. You can use a string for this method as well.

2. Wrap the piece of paper/string around your finger.

3. Mark the section where the paper/string intersects and

measure the distance with a ruler in mm.

4. Use the circumference chart below to find your size.


  • Before measuring your finger, make sure that your hands are warm as cold fingers will measure inaccurately as they will be smaller due to slight shrinkage in cold temperatures.

  • Prior to ordering, decide on which hand you would like to wear the ring. Your dominant hand will be slightly larger than the other.

  • Rather purchase one size up if you fall between sizes as forcing a tight fit ring might cause discomfort and injury.

  • First time wearing a casual ring? It takes time to get use to the feeling of wearing a ring. If your ring feels too tight or too loose, give it a couple of days to ensure the ring doesn’t easily slide off your finger or sit too tight.

  • There are various apps available to help you measure your ring size on your phone. Always refer back to our charts on this page to find the US size.


We want you to wear you CD ring with confidence and comfort. If your ring does not fit, have a look at our return policy here.

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