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Style w/ substance

A jewellery brand with men's style at the core of every design. At Chris Dawn we aspire to create a brand that elevates men's fashion and creates confidence. Our designs are classic, sophisticated, everyday pieces with a refined style that is wearable for all occasions. For many generations men's accessories have been the second thought of jewellery brands. At Chris Dawn we bring men's jewellery to the forefront and heart of our brand.

Designed in Sydney, Australia for men who value fashion, quality, and class. With more than 10 years of design experience, our founder has designed each piece with longevity and sophistication in mind. All our pieces have a blend of modern and classic elements to withstand the test of time.

our crest

A geometric play on the flower of life, our crest symbolizes growth and creativity. It stands as a reminder of the continued potential we all have to be greater and achieve more. The sharp lines of the crest add a unique modern element to our classic designs.

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